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  • About EPIC Sports Centre

  • With plans to break ground in 2024, the more than 86,000 sq. ft. facility will be located just outside of London, Ontario on Gideon Drive in Middlesex Centre. From world-class sports medicine and physiotherapy to specialized training programs, sport chiropractic services, mental performance coaching and advanced recovery solutions, EPIC Sports Centre is your ultimate one-stop shop. Join us on this transformative journey, where passion meets precision, and athletes of all levels discover the ultimate support system to unleash their full potential.

Service & Amenities

  • person on ground receiving physio therapy
  • Sport Medicine & Orthopaedic Clinic

    This premiere sports medicine and orthopaedic clinic will feature an orthopaedic sports specialist as well as several primary care sports medicine physicians rounding out this true healthcare facility and separating EPIC from other community-based gyms and arenas.

  • physiotherapist helping a person stretch
  • Physiotherapy Clinic

    The heart of the facility, the physiotherapy clinic will focus on clients referred to rehabilitate injuries or recovery from surgical procedures. Sports rehabilitation may include time on the ice, in the gym or on a small track within the facility at the direction of the care team. Open now in a temporary location, you can book in with Doug Stacey, MSc, BHScPT, Sport Physiotherapist - Dip. Book Now

  • person lying down receiving message therapy
  • Chiropractic, Nutrition, Registered Massage Therapy & Naturopathic Services

    As a top to bottom health and wellness facility, spaces will be available to accommodate these professional services. Clients, athletes and recovering patients will be able to continue the care and maintenance of their health in a familiar environment with their provider on the premise.

  • person deadlifting barbell with weights with a spotter
  • High-Performance Instruction & Personal Training

    With state-of-the-art equipment and qualified, high-performance instructors, individuals and teams can participate in facilitated clinics, workshops and private sessions within the gym.

  • hockey players skating on ice during practice
  • Two Full-Size Ice Rinks

    Home to two ice rinks with dressing rooms, restrooms, spectator seating and more, the rinks will be open year-round and will be available to rent for team and/or private use.

  • hockey players walking to dressing room
  • Professional Dressing Room, VIP Lounge & Facilities

    Curated space within the facility and attached to the ice rinks that provides an opportunity to attract a local junior hockey team seeking a permanent home rink and professional athletes that require a location to practice and train during the off season.

  • audience watching person on stage
  • Conference Rooms, Meeting Facilities & Office

    Multi-use spaces are available on the upper level of EPIC to rent for team and/or private use. Care teams, clients and athletes will be able to meet to discuss care plans and hold team video or instruction sessions prior to hitting the ice or the court before practice while the community can also rent this space for events.

  • knee brace wrapped around a knee
  • Retail Space

    The latest in medical devices for post-operative and rehabilitation, clients will be able to purchase specialized sports related injury equipment and first-aid supplies on site.

  • video camera on tripod
  • Sports Media Services

    Frame by frame video services as well as team social media services will be available through EPIC Sports Media.

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    Get to Know Chris Chant, EPIC's Founder and Medical Director

    Founder and Co-owner at EPIC Sports Centre and EPIC Sports Medicine, Dr. Chris Chant is a highly accomplished Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon, renowned for his expertise in sports medicine.

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    Get to know Doug Stacey, EPIC's Head of Sports Physiotherapy

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where will EPIC be located?

      At 708 Gideon Drive, between the West 5 in London and Delaware in Middlesex Centre.

    • When will the facility be open?

      If all goes according to plan, construction will begin in spring/summer 2024, with a goal to soft open in summer 2025 and an official grand opening in fall 2025. Subscribe to our newsletter below for the latest updates.

    • Will all parts of the facility be accessible to the public?

      Yes, although parts of the facility and certain amenities are already booked by several organizations that have shown interest or committed, any individual/team/organization will also have access to rent ice, conference rooms, team gym/training time, time in the recovery room, time on the skating treadmill, time in the shooting gallery and time in the golf simulators.

    • Is this a private sports medicine facility? Will it be covered by OHIP?

      No, the sports medicine clinic will be available to the public.

      Yes, visits to the primary care sports medicine physicians will be covered by OHIP with no need for referral. Appointments with the specialist sports orthopaedic surgeon will require a referral but will also be covered under OHIP.

    • Will the physiotherapy clinic be covered by OHIP?

      No, as is the case with most physiotherapy clinics outside of hospitals, the EPIC Sports Physiotherapy Clinic will be third party insurance or private pay.

    • Will EPIC have any services available prior to opening the main facility?

      Yes, currently, EPIC Physiotherapy is operating out of the Western Fair Sports Centre and appointments are available online

      We are also providing first aid/trainers bags that are customized to your sport. If your organization would like to learn more, email chris@epicsportsmedicine.ca.

      EPIC Sports Media will also be offering social media and game/practice video services in the coming weeks. Subscribe to our newsletter below for the latest information

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